The greatest example of 'pyramid power' is demonstrated in the stepped copper pyramid pot that is used to perform the healing Agnihotra fire.

The ancient science of Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere, neutralizing the effects of pollution and radiation in the air, soil and water. Nature returns to balance and all life thrives in this supercharged environment.

To perform Agnihotra, certain materials are burned in a copper pyramid pot exactly at sunrise and sunset together with a short mantra. The copprer pyramid is made to specfic dimensions and acts as a generator, thrusting the effects of Agnihotra into the surrounding atmosphere.

Agnihotra rectifies the prana in the atmosphere which subsequently has a profound effect on the mind, inducing greater calm and positive thought patterns. The Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms all benefit from the effects of Agnihotra. Water sources become purified with regular performance of this Homa fire, pathogenic bacteria are greatly reduced, and the environment becomes supercharged with high vibrations. The smoke from Agnihotra fire enters the blood stream and purifies the blood. The resultant ash from Agnihotra fire is highly medicinal and is used to make simple but effective folk remedies at home. There are many amazing testimonials from countless people who have experienced healing from sitting in Agnihotra atmosphere and using Agnihotra Ash Medicines.

Thousands of people around the world perform Agnihotra to help heal the planet and for their own and their family's health and well-being. Agnihotra is the basic fire in 'Homa Therapy', which can be applied to such diverse fields as organic farming/gardening, drug deaddiction programmes, ecological and environmental projects and medical establishments.

Agnihotra is a simple process to learn and it is always taught free of charge. For more information please visit

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For those interested in pyramidology, the following are quotes taken from 'Homa Therapy Our Last Chance' by Vasant Paranjpe. The knowledge of Agnihotra fire and the Agnihotra pyramid pot comes from the vedas, the most ancient source of scientific knowledge known to man. What is quoted below refers to the Agnihotra copper pyramid pot.

'Much energy, much positive energy, much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid'

'There is a sound that emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid'

'The power of life comes from the Agnihotra fire. Just at that time, in that time band, there is so much power coming from the pyramid that it can change the structure and formation of all the atoms, that is, all the substance, call it stuff, that makes up the universe.'

'The pyramid, that vessel of a particular shape and size, is the generator. It guides and directs the energy in a perfect way, in a direction that has a particular configuration which has an effect on what is really man, the soul.'

'The amount of force that is thrust from the Agnihotra pyramid at Agnihotra time, i.e. sunrise and sunset, cannot be harnessed. There is enough energy though from one Agnihotra pyramid to give light energy to an entire city'.
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