FUNDACJA TERAPIA HOMA, POLAND - excellent website in English and Polish on Homa Therapy & Homa Organic Farming, and about Bhrugu Aranya Homa Community.

ARKADIAN COLLECTION Moldavite, Gemstone and Crystal Jewellery - Exquisite website and shopping cart for activated Moldavite, the only gem quality extraterrestrial tektite with powerful properties.

ROSE CIRLCES An International group of vibrant, compassionate women whose goal is to assist women who are living in poverty. One goal is to help these women develop a sustainable future through the creation of beautiful products sold through a network of women worldwide.

- A remarkable website with guidance from our interplanetary brothers to help us in our hour of need. Profound truths and wisdom presented in a practical and 'down-to-earth' manner for our survival and that of our beloved planet Earth. A must visit website.

BALTIMORE HOMA COMMUNITY, INC. (BHC) is a Maryland nonprofit organization dedicated to community education and community service that links people to information, services and resources about Homa Therapy, the ancient science of atmospheric purification.

KARME HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER is located at the Resonance Point (Baltimore, Maryland). It is a unique setting where vedic purification fires have been performed for over 25 years. You'll feel your mind and breathing relax as you enter this sacred space. Soak in this purified atmosphere while you deepen your healing experience.

TAPOVAN, INDIA - is a unique health retreat run by westerners following simple Vedic lifestyle. Individual treatments available include the ancient Ayurvedic Pancha Karma, Nature Cure, individual dietary requirements, hydro-therapy, mud therapy. It is ideal for people wanting to undergo a complete detox program in a pleasant environment seeded by vibrations of Divine Love. - (SPANISH, ENGLISH, GERMAN) comprehensive site specializing in medicine and agriculture. Includes photos, video and documentation. - (SATSANG PUBLICATIONS) The magazine is an important vehicle for spreading the message of "Love thy neighbour" through Agnihotra and Fivefold Path. It contains many stories from all over the world of various people's experiences with Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. - (GERMAN, ENGLISH, SWEDISH) Russian, Moldavian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Coming Soon! Concise Homa Therapy website. Agnihotra Sunrise/Sunset Timings Program.

BARRY RATHNER, PH.D specializes in Depression, Addiction, Physical Health Issues using Homa Therapy - Bio-energetic Manipulation of Atmosphere.
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