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"...We have been having great results with the pyramids. We use them when giving reiki. I have used mine for muscle and joint problems with amazing results. A pulled muscle around my shoulderblade which was so painful I had to lie down was better by morning after using the pyramid. Arthritic pain in my wrist is greatly reduced too. I am wondering if you will be getting the large ones in again."
(E. Foster)

"...We put intentions in the pyramid to find the perfect house and to be accepted by the homeowner (rental houses are VERY competitive here) with herkimer diamonds & citrine and a realtor told us about a house that wasn't even on the market yet but he "just knew" we would love it and he thought we would be perfect for it. We loved it, we got it and are the happiest we've been in a very long time.

Thank you for creating these little marvels. You see why I'd like to have more! The energy in our home is one of peace and great love and respect.

I almost want to open a store just so I can sell the pyramids!"

(Linda N.)

"...I think everyone should have one of these in their home. They are amazing!!"!
(Mark H.)

... "Something else that I wanted to share with you about my experience with my pyramid is that I have some essential oils that are a few years old. After one year, the oils begin to lose their efficacy, energy levels and some of the smell. I put that bottle under my pyramid and left it there for a couple days. 
When I opened the bottle the smell was strong again and the energy was tangible! I don't know why I'm still surprised but I am. To basically bring something "back to Life" so to speak was a thrill!

My youngest son has been going through a hard time and has then given me a hard time. He was angry, bitter, mean, spiteful... I put his picture in the pyramid with a Super 7, tugtupite, thulite and misc stones for grounding and in two weeks he has calmed down, been polite, kept his anger in check and told me he loves me and has thanked me for many small things!"
(Linda N.)

From the moment I opened the box with my Meru pyramid in, the energy that flowed out of the box was beautiful like no other energy I have experienced.
I am a Reiki master teacher , multi dimensional healer working with humans and animals and I place a pyramid in my treatment room and use it for each client, my clients always comment how beautiful it is but also how powerful it is too, combined with healing energies its a perfect tool to have.
I keep a Meru pyramid in my bedroom and since I have done I have slept so well.
I use the base for some of my clients helping with blocked chakras I get them to lie on it to help release the blockage, I also use in the same way on horses though I turn the base upside down so the Shri Yantra is on the horses back at the chakra that seems to be troubling them and the horses are so accepting of this and combined with healing energies it truly is so powerful.
I would so highly recommend these beautiful treasures every home should have at least one.
(Jo Adamson UK)
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